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WorldWide Telescope enables new ways of visualization of observational data. Click to expand each section below to learn of ways to incorporate WWT in your research.

Please follow our guide or check out this YouTube video for information on how to create WWT tours using the web client.

Tours created on the web will have both a download and share link to view the tour in WWT.

A tour is most easily embedded in presentation software as a video. The WWT Web Client does not yet support video export of tours, however the QuickTime player (as well as other programs) can capture HD video of the screen while you play the tour.

If you are interested is using WWT to make a Video Abstract for an upcoming publication please see our guide.

Example Video Abstracts that have used WWT:

The Astrolabe Project is creating a new open-access repository for previously uncurated astronomical datasets, building on existing CyVerse infrastructure with robust cloud-based resources for managing, linking, processing and sharing research data.

Astrolabe will be using WWT as the visualization engine for the project.

There are several mechanisms to import astronomical images to WWT, and we are working to on more:
  • Montage has a guide to import FITS files into WWT.
  • We have a web uploader (FITS not currently supported), which also serves the JavaScript inclined as an example call to the ShowImage control.
  • Toasty can prepare images for viewing in WWT.
  • Images uploaded to are able to be seen in WWT by clicking on the "view in WWT" link.
  • The WWT Windows application natively supports FITS and AVM tagged images.
  • Once your images are AVM tagged or TOASTed, you can share them as community content as a Community Member
Analyze your data using the WWT plug-in for Glue Screen shot of WWT in Glue