The purpose of the American Astronomical Society's WorldWide Telescope project is to enable the seamless visualization and sharing of scientific data and stories from major telescopes, observatories, and institutions among students and researchers, through science museums and full-dome immersive planetariums, and in scholarly publications.

Who We Are


Jonathan Fay, Lead Architect
Ron Gilchrist, Web Developer

WWT Advisory Board


Pat Udomprasert (Lead)
Robert Hurt
Erin Johnson
Frossie Economou
Sarah Block

Planetariums and Museums

Doug Roberts (Lead)
Mark SubbaRao
Ryan Wyatt
David Weigel

Software Development

Jonathan Fay (Lead)
Cristine Donnelly
Karl Fogel
Ron Gilchrist
Matt Turk
Martin Woodward
Curtis Wong

Astronomical Research

Phil Rosenfield (Lead)
Andy Connelly
Alyssa Goodman
Morgan Griffith
Bryan Heidorn
Susanna Kohler
Knut Olsen
Fred Rasio
Gretchen Stahlman
Julie Steffen

International Partnerships

Chen-Zhou Cui (Lead)
Jaap Vreeling

AAS Steering Committee

Chick Woodward (Chair)
Amanda Bauer
Jessica Kirkpatrick
Sarah Loebman
Meg Schwamb


WorldWide Telescope is dedicated to the memory of Jim Gray with the hope that it will inspire and empower people to explore and understand the universe like never before.